You are more than you think

Dear friends, did you ever feel like you have so much weight on your shoulders?

Did you ever feel hopeless?

Did you ever fall so down and no one care?

Did you ever feel ignored by someone or even people around you?

Did you ever try to smile but no one recognize it?

Did you ever feel like a loser?

Dear friends, you may answer those questions deep in your heart. And maybe those questions wake your scars up. Or maybe this is your recent feeling? I hope no. But, let me tell you..

Your smile can be anyone smile

Does happiness can influence anyone? Sure 100%! If you watch comedy movie, you will be laugh right? Or you are surrounding by many happy people. I’m sure you will get their happiness also. So does your happiness. Slowly but sure, it will remove your sadness because your happy virus!

Don’t depend your happiness on someone

Please don’t do this one. Never! You own your life, not the others. So why must somebody set your happiness? No one can make your happiness but you. You make it and you deserve it.

You’re precious!

Someone may imitate you, but they can’t duplicate you. There’s no other you. You’re unique. Look at the mirror. Look at your healthy skin, amazing eyes. Look at that crinkle at the corner of your eyes when you smile. Look at your shining hairs. You’re strong to pass through the hardships. You are amazing for making it so far into life. Everyone are so proud of you, no one want to see your tears. Catch some breath and wash your face. Grab your power. Show it to the world! You’re amazing as you are.

Rise up!

Somebody hurt you? Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Forgive it. After this, it will be just a wind flow that pass through you. After raining, there would be a shining sun. The universe will support you. Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. Heads up, get up! Everything’s gonna be okay.

You’re braver than you believe. You’re stronger than you believe. You’re amazing from head to toe. You can getting through this. Now, jump high! The world will shining on you, then you will realize how awesome you are!




Tech enthusiast. Amateur writer. Lifetime learner.

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Shafira Annisa

Shafira Annisa

Tech enthusiast. Amateur writer. Lifetime learner.

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